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The Best Gift Ever!

December 06, 2018
The Best Gift Ever!

The Best Gift Ever!

The very best gift ever is to “Create a life that tickles your soul”. In a book by the same name, Dr. Suzanne Zoglio reminds us that happiness is in our very own hands. Though we have often heard that retort, it seems that we fall into old patterns of blaming others or situations or circumstances for our lack of contentment. The problem with blaming is that there is no resolution…if I am the problem, I can change outcomes. If YOU are the problem, I cannot.

I had a professor in graduate school who said, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time”. Dr. Zoglio writes that we should take responsibility for our present by making deliberate choices about how to respond to our past, present and future. What patterns do you see in your life that regularly get in the way of you creating the life you want?

You may not know the answer to that question simply because you’ve been doing the same things for a lifetime without stopping to observe how your words, expressions, tone, lack of goal setting, planning or behaviors are impacting your relationships. Why not pause and think about that? Take the next few days and be intentional about making those observations about yourself. Ask those closest to you for help since they see you more objectively than you see yourself.

Then, continue to raise your awareness as you begin to fashion a new life based on making your dreams come true.

Take note of the barriers that you may put up that keep you from reaching your dreams. For example, sometimes, people with anxiety or depression use it for a coping skill. When a situation arises they use their anxiety or depression to keep them from dealing with that person or situation. This is not intentional or conscious, but it happens just the same.

Ziglio suggests lighten up by letting go. Letting go, she writes, is facilitated by forgiveness, being self-directed, and intentionally managing your time.

Give it a try…creating a life that tickles your soul is the best gift ever.

“Create a life that tickles your Soul”
by Suzanne Willis Zoglio, Ph.D.

About the Author
Dr. Connie Ingram is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach, and Corporate Consultant. She is certified in clinical supervision for undergraduate and graduate students as well as those seeking supervision to obtain professional license. Connie is an adjunct professor in counseling and leadership studies, a supreme court certified mediator, and a parenting coordinator. Connie is most known for her public speaking and training in the areas of relationships, stress/anxiety, and leadership.